Sewn: (testing) Paprika Patterns Jade Skirt


I’m sure you’re probably already aware of paprika Patterns formerly known as Lisa from Small Things! She of yellow hoody and folded mini fame?! Lisa is the process of developing pattern(s?) for release, the first of which is a further development of her folded mini’s, the Jade Skirt, which includes a longer length variation. When Lisa asked if I would test her pattern I was delighted to help. After some pondering about making it in a woven rather than knit/stretch and an email discussion regarding ease/negative ease as the case may be, I got to work on the pattern as written, using the recommended stretch jersey/knit, not woven. Although I love a mini length I went with the longer one because I figured it could multi-task as a work skirt. I actually made this skirt in July 2013, and the photos are from April 2014 so you can see it’s holding up well, anyone who saw the flood of self “portraits” that was my Me Made May will have also seen that this skirt gets lots of wear. I love it equally for casual or work and is perfect for when both occur without time to change in between!


The making was a bit of a puzzle at first, those folds took a bit to “click” in my head but once they did and I could see what I was doing it was plain sailing from there. I have all of the folds machine stitched down in place which gives a nice structure to the skirt. Also, if you think my seams are looking a bit bulky I admit that I didn’t trim before stitching closed and I had pulled the side seams in a bit to get the fit I wanted.

The double thickness of fabric is a super welcome feature in the winter, it’s a result of the all encasing construction method that leaves you with no exposed seams on the inside, as I type this it has just occurred to me that it also saves you from hemming your skirt and the will it won’t it wave rollercoaster that hemming knits can be.

I didn’t want a self-fabric waistband, partly because I just didn’t trust that it would do the job so I went for an exposed elastic waistband instead, a super simple finish but one I really like the look of. I know other people may sneer at elastic waistbands but I like ’em, particularly when it’s just a nice thick length of elastic, no bunch-y fabric casing… there’s something satisfyingly urban about it.


The pattern isn’t quite ready yet as far as I know but you can sign up for their newsletter here to be alerted re developments!

I realise now that these pics don’t actually show the elastic waistband that I’ve just waxed lyrical about so for the time being you’ll just have to trust me on that score… I’ll come back and update the post with evidence at some point!

  1. This skirt is so intriguing! Looking forward to the pattern!

  2. Molly said:

    This looks really great on you, just the right amount of casual and professional

    • Thanks Molly! Surprisingly (to me for a knit skirt) it even goes with heels of I want to look uber presentable for work!

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