sewn: (belated) wedding guest dress


This dress didn’t make an appearance during me-made-may but that was for lack of an occasion rather than any other reason. The one out of my two planned wedding guest dresses that got made, and in fact got worn for one of the intended weddings, a fortieth birthday and another unexpected wedding (as in the invitation was unexpected, not the occasion!). These photos were taken at the last wedding, on a sneaky wander around the grounds while the bridal party got their photos taken. It was cold & damp & I make stupid faces by talking to my “official photographer” so no photo dump overload here!!!


The fabric is a wool mix I picked up in Murphy Sheehys, there’s definitely some acrylic in there because it dries super quick (both out of the washing machine and when people tip surplus guinness over me!!). The full dress is lined with a nothing in particular lining, it’s navy and I think actually the same as the grey stuff that I lined my minoru with back in the day.

I drafted the pattern for this myself, which is something I love to do. It’s really great to follow an idea through from a picture in your head, to lots of lines on a flat page, to a finished garment. I actually snapped some pics while I was in the process of drafting the pattern with the intention of doing a series of posts from inspiration to pattern to dress because someone said they’d be interested in the process but it’s been so long now I’m sure they’ve long forgotten that and I don’t have access to all my photos at the moment because my MacBook went to the Big Apple Store in the Sky *sob*.

Back to the dress; I folded out the shoulder darts so it’d be fitted through the shoulders but without the line of the dart, cut away the shoulders by coming in a sharp line from the armhole (and I must say I’m pretty happy with the shape of them and the faux collar piece), added an upper back bodice panel and a centre back pleat (for no other reason than I felt like it!) and sliced up from the hem into the bodice to spread and add lots of flare.


There’s a major flaw with this dress which I’m going to go back and fix… the sh1tty plasticky horsehair braid that I ordered online because I’ve never come across it here in Dublin, that has got to come out, I’ve been putting off posting these pictures because the hem galls me so much!

Other than that I love the sweeping wide hem and the asymmetric buttons and plan on bringing dress into my winter wardrobe as part of a boots, tights & blazer combo. Also of note, this is incredibly fun to cheesy dance to, so much hem movement!

  1. Chloe said:

    Your dress looks great – the neckline is really cool! Too bad about the braid being a hassle, it does support the flare of the skirt well, but I see what you mean.

    • Thanks Chloe! Yea it supports it but the hem sort of droops under the topstitching, just gotta find the time for a seamripping date!

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