Wednesday WIP Pic #7


Is work in progress the right phrase when you haven’t done any work on something for a few months?! I went to a quilting class over a number of weeks earlier this year. The final week clashed with a wedding I was attending at the end of March and I seem to have not gone back to my quilt to finish it off. It’s so big that I need to clear room on my kitchen floor to spread it out and tack the layers together in prep for the actual quilting. My machine has been giving me a bit of gip so I may wait until after I get it serviced before I tackle this one. So really this is more a reminder to get back to this, I definitely want it finished and hanging neatly over the back of my couch for when the weather turns cold…

  1. Molly said:

    I really like the gray with pops of color

  2. kutoyx said:

    When this happens to me, i just say that I like it so much that I want to make it last for a little while😉

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