How do you see yourself?

Technology and life have meant I have been elsewhere than here, but I’m still around and still making and have lots to share. In the meantime I was thinking about this today…my picture of myself is not always the same as what you see. I don’t go all out vintage or have anything particularly defining about my style, but at the same time there is something distinctive enough to lead to comments of “that’s so you Louise”.

So I think I like a modern-leaning-towards-edgy-with-a-hint-of-retro look…could that sound any more pretentious?! I also have quite the grá for a gúna with a short &/ swingy Modish silhouette. And a decade-crossing fondness for little jackets. I don’t want all my clothes to be fitted, a good voluminous hemline or an airy back is good with me. That’s not to say taking the ease out doesn’t have a place. It very much does and I’ve spent most of the day dreaming about a fitted red ponte dress that I washed fabric for overnight.

Sometimes fitting the actual me and my wardrobe to the me in my head and the corresponding mental wardrobe (not all of which exists at this point in time) is a question of proportion. For example yesterday I was wearing one of my scout tees, a vest, jeans and shoes. My hair was un-brushed and dried au natural (read a scraggly affair!) and as is the norm for me a lot of the time, I’d no make up on. I popped into a big department store on my way through town to see if I could try on some boots that I had seen online (incidentally the answer to that was no and you’re not worth giving the time of day to so we’re not even going to come back and answer your question) and in doing so caught sight of myself in a mirror in a sea of tango’d, face painted, ladies. I looked a state. But not because of the lack of grooming. Granted it didn’t help, but the elements of my outfit just weren’t working together. My vest was too long and too pale. My top was sitting awkwardly because it was a home-dec fabric experiment, my jeans are old and on the way out and look better tucked inside knee high boots and my shoes were too slight. If I’d been wearing either boots or a bulkier pair of shoes the whole thing would’ve been pulled together better.

That’s what I mean about it being a matter of proportion. My shoes were too soft, too slight, they emphasised the narrow hem of my jeans in a way that made the upper half of them look awful. I was out of kilter rather than balanced.

Another example springs to mind in two recent makes which haven’t made it blog-ward yet; the Hey Jane Lane Raglan Tee that I made in sweatshirt fabric. I made the first one as per pattern, the second I took the pieces and drastically shortened the length through the body and the width of the waist, cuff and neck bands. The result is a shorter, snappier, more like a retro sweatshirt shape…more me!

Finding the time to make the as yet still mental parts of my wardrobe is an ongoing challenge but this just reminds me that the drape of a fabric, the shape of a garment and the weight of shoe/boot can be as vital as the clothes themselves in making the me in my head a reality for all to see.

  1. Hi Louise. I hear you. I find the same thing occurs to me regularly. You just put on what feels right and is weather appropriate then you stop to take stock and wow what a shambles. Usually happens when you don’t plan to go further than the gate or local shop but end up going into town or visiting. Don’t talk about the mental list of UN made garments!!!!

    • The mental list of unmade garments is how we end up with fabric and pattern stashes right?! Almost all of my fabric has been bought with a specific plan, I look at the pile in the hotpress & I see a coat, jacket, a couple of blazers, a few tops & some sports gear. If I didn’t have a job and friends…😉

  2. Exactly, my stash isn’t very big compared to some but I have so many things waiting to be made. Like this week I have 2 skirts I really want to make for this weather but by the time they are made it’ll be too late to get much wear out of them. But the way I look at it is I’ll have them for next year😉

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