Me-Made-May’14: Lets Do This


I’d been a bit out of sorts when I started writing this post, feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I want to get done and like I was in a run of bad things happening one after the other. When I get in a funk like this everything looks bad to me – including my clothes. I realised this when a friend was looking through photos on my camera – mostly blog photos – and I was pointing out faults with each garment.

The thing is, that although some people (as in the ones that don’t really get me!) think I’m not interested in fashion because I don’t rush around buying all the things I actually love it. Not the fast-throwaway-fashion or the crazy-expensive-designer-name-for-the-sake-of-a-name-fashion, but the pure simple joy of what to wear. Of dreaming up an outfit in your head and making it happen.

I wear mostly me-made with a mix of what was already in my wardrobe when I made a conscious decision to stop shopping back in October 2010, after taking part in my first me-me-challenge (Self Stitched September). Both the pre-existing RTW and my me-mades are starting to show their age – in fairness I wear them pretty hard. I look at my wardrobe in annoyance – that pair of jeans I normally live in now have a broken zip, held up by a paperclip-keyring combo, the buttonhole has almost worn and frayed right through, there are paint stains on the legs and the odd run in the fabric. My other pair sprang a rip, out of no where too. I have three pieces of fabric to make replacement trousers – I just haven’t gotten round to it. I have three shirts I wear for work – the same three I made during that first Self Stitched September. They’ve seen better days.

I draw little distinction between what I wear for work and what I wear at home (apart from obvious things like  jeans and mini-skirts that don’t quite fit the office dress code!), they’re just combined differently. This doesn’t help with the hard-wearing of my clothes. While I still feel that I don’t need lots of clothes, I also think I have some things ripe for replacement and more would let me draw a distinction between office and home, and also extend the life of each item by slightly reducing wear.

So this isn’t an “I wear my me-mades all the time so sure I may as well take part in Me-Made-May” this is a “Me-Made-May help me fall in love with my clothes again”. I’ll be trying to identify the gaps in my wardrobe. Some of which are glaringly obvious, like trousers to replace my failing jeans, but I want to draft and perfect my trousers pattern so this one may be a slow burner, and we are coming into summer after all so skirts and shorts (with or without tights) will see me through while I work on them.

I normally exclude exercise clothing – I train for and race in triathlons – so some of the gear is beyond my current capabilities (I’m looking at you wetsuit!) and to date it just hasn’t been feasible between working, studying and training to make my own gear. But, like my other stuff, my exercise gear is now starting to show it’s age as well so it’s time for me to bite the bullet and make my own. I’ve got the Fehrtrade patterns for top (XYT Top) and bottoms (Duathlon shorts) so I’m planning on tackling one or both with the aim of racing in a me-made top or bottom for my first tri of the season (first Olympic Distance too dum dum dum!!!) towards the end of May.

So here’s to a month of embracing the me-made, upping the ante as Zoe would say, and of course standing awkwardly in front of the self timer!!

‘I, Louise, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear me-made outfits (excluding underwear, tights & Sportswear) each day for the duration of May 2014 and I will aim to be wearing something me-made for Lough Cutra Tri.’

  1. KC said:

    I like your idea of using MMM to fall in love with your clothing again. Also to find the gaps in your wardrobe.

  2. Helena said:

    Good luck on your challenge! I hope you’ll find what you love and knowing what to add to your wardrobe.

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