Knitted: Peppa


It was my defacto brother in law’s birthday yesterday. A decade landmark. I wanted to add a handmade edge to his present. What better than a hand-knit Peppa?!


I followed this womens weekly pattern and if I’d given myself more time to knit this and actually read ahead I’d’ve made some changes, like knitting the body in the round, maybe even knitting the arms and legs in round on dpns as well.


I’d’ve used icord for her tail and I wouldn’t knit the shoes as separate pieces to be stitched on – they have the same amount of stitches, why not just change colour?
Her dress is sewn from some red fabric left over from dolls I sewed for my niece a few years ago, all seams neatly pressed, top and bottom edges hemmed and with a buttonhole for her tail!  I also stitched on circles for cheeks as I didn’t have time for embroidery.


She’s a little bit wonky but still recognisably Peppa (once the dress went on!) and went down well at the party. Hopefully she’ll be looked after well in her new home!

  1. delfinelise said:

    That is one very cool pig. I didn´t know about her before, so I had to Wikipedia her.😉

    • The TV programme is hilarious, I should’ve included a clip from youtube but was posting from phone!

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