covet #6

What’s this, an ACTUAL blog post, goodness where has the time gone?! Honestly, I’ve been having lots of real life fun and less computer time – yay for me!! I have lots to share, new stitchings, of the sewn and knitted variety, tonnes of plans as always, and adventures to recap but for today just a short little post to share the AMAZINGNESS that Solvi pinned earlier on that I can NOT get out of my head. I want it. I am going to have to make this happen… behold;

The pattern is for one size (about 40″ around and pretty long) and the whole thing is knitted in the round, with the sleeves done on dpns and added on for a yoke finish that incorporates the whole lot. I’m thinking a lighter weight, (would sock yarn be crazy?) and shorter, and a bit less roomy, like say a couple of inches positive ease and hitting at my hips/around jeans pocket height with nice long but not too wide sleeves… I suspect resizing and reshaping and well knitting the freaking thing would take some effort, a lot of knitting related maths and possibly make me feel like I needed 8 arms, harharhar, but as the title suggests, I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

    • If u click on pic it should link through to etsy. I haven’t purchased yet… it is also on ravelry, including some completed projects!

  1. Whoa!!! That is AWESOME! Can’t wait to see yours!

    • I know right!!! We’re proabably looking at the best part of a year if not more between resizing/reshaping & my non-speedy knitting but it’d be totally worth it😉

  2. You crazy girl😉 but I can’t wait to see you do it.

  3. delfinelise said:

    As I said on Pinterest – I definitely think we should do a knitalong a slooooooow one…Like mostly a thinkalong at first, and then possibly some gaugealong and then maybe…;-)

      • delfinelise said:

        Possibly a good starting point, yes… First of all I need to get the pattern.:-)

        • Me too! There mention on ravelry of an update to include different sizes but in a sometime in the future kinda way

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