Melbourne and Auckland recommendations please

Hello peops, in less then 2 weeks time I shall be boarding a plane to take me to visit my dear emigrated friend (and in a nice turn of events, Summer!). I’ll be staying in Melbourne for approx 2 weeks, with a weekend trip to Tasmania thrown in for good measure, before we head over the seas to Auckland for another week, at the end of which I will have to return to real life, work & next year!
Why am I telling you? I would like recommendations for both Melbourne and Auckland… fabric and yarn shopping, galleries, museums, must sees? Sources for merino by the metre, where I can touch before committing (my icebreaker baselayer is starting to show its age)? Is there a particular area I should hit up if I was pottering about in Melbourne? For example if someone was coming to visit Dublin I’d send them to the triangle that encompasses the Powerscourt Centre to visit This Is Knit, Article, Reubens and then across the road onto Castle Market to Murphy Sheehys, and if they had time off up to Kilmainham to IMMA and the garden of rembrance if the roses would be blooming.
So have you been to Melb/Tas/Auck? Any suggestions?

  1. Auckland will be pretty busy until everything shuts down for Xmas and mostly remains dormant until mid-January, but you probably should visit Global Fabrics/Fabric Warehouse (one shop, two names). They are not the cheapest by any means, but a great source for quality wools. If you’re here when the city is quiet, then it’s a great time to visit the Museum.
    Other than fabric shopping you should get out to one of the black beaches on the West Coast while you’re here (about 40 minutes from Auckland CBD) Bethells is my favourite, but Piha is the better known one.
    If you fancy a swim in the sea the West Coast is a bit rough, but Goat Island is worth a visit for a beach picnic and a swim with the fishes (no-take).

    • Oh great, will use your post to orientate fabric shopping excursion! Thanks🙂

  2. Mary said:

    Another NZer here. One who has lived in Dublin and would thoroughly second your Dublin recommendations. I’m a Wellingtonian so don’t know Auckland all that well. But Global Fabrics is a Wellington institution too and it’s fantastic. Not super cheap, but fantastic. Also, go to the Auckland Art Gallery.

  3. Suse said:

    Morris and Sons for yarn

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