a different kind of stitching

Remember this picture?

wpid-20130608_164305.jpgBack in June I went to a Creative Embroidery Workshop in the space above The  Constant Knitter. I loved it, came away with a little sampler that I had stitched myself of each of the stitches on the sheet Maria had prepared for us all. I went from the workshop to the hairdressers via Reubens for some threads and later that same day I sat down and started on my Shy Girl and Shy Boy cushion covers from Sublime Stitching. I now have both the girl and the boy completed (since taking the pic below) and am working my way around the borders.

IMG_20131027_224914It’s pretty slow going but in that lovely mediative way that knitting is. I varied the number of strands that I was using depending on which part I was doing and it quickly became apparent that I’m rather fond of the chain stitch, but stem stitch, satin stitch, back stitch and french knots have all found their way in there too.

Next step will be to get cushions to go inside and perhaps even a couch for them to sit on!

  1. Molly said:

    Sublime Stitching has some pretty awesome stuff (and embroidery is totally addictive!), great job!

    • yeah they have some cool stuff alright. I was reading recently about a fight they got into with another embroidery design company – all seemed a bit blown out of proportion…
      i love the random quotes that you’ve been doing

  2. Good to see you’re finally doing your homework!

    • yes I am rather slow. At this rate I’ll eventually get around to blogging my corset from 12 months ago!

  3. maeve said:

    I did this class too this summer. I did a little kit I got in knitnstitch show last week. Must get something else now that I got back into it. I find it very meditative too, a change from knitting. Your boy& girl are very cool. Enjoy!! Maeve

    • i’ve plans for anatomical heart & ribs and a big life quote too🙂
      i got an email at one point that there was an improver/intermediate workshop but i already had something on. if she does that again in the new year i’ll be back for it, was such a lovely morning!

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