wedding guest dress (I)

IMG_20130910_224215In 4 weeks today I will be wearing the above dress for my friend’s wedding.

I haven’t fully decided whether it will fall above or below the knee – my muslin and whether I look dumpy and short will determine that… what is it about not being able to see one’s knees that sends you straight to feeling frumpy?!… but either way the skirt will be pegged with a back vent for movement.

I ordered fabric samples from Offset Warehouse and then went ahead and ordered the yellow silk seen second from left (believe it or not there is an incredibly light chiffon to the left of it but it is so fine all you can see are some stray threads in the photo!)

IMG_20130822_183822For the contrast yoke I went into The Cloth Shop off St Stephen’s Green, where I proceeded to spend rather a long time standing and staring at a silk organza and a lace. I was there so long I suspect the guy working there was beginning to think I was mental. In the end I went with the lace.

You may have noticed that the silk above allows some light through so while I was at it I got a couple metres of silk habatoi for underlining; the green-ish fabric in the photo below. I plan on basting the outer and inner pieces together and then treating them as one while constructing the dress.

IMG_20130910_175628After plenty of time spent mulling it all over in my head I’ve started drafting my pattern. More in due course…




  1. Helena said:

    I really like the sketch and your colour combination is so unusual yet nice. Good luck with dress, I keep my fingers crossed for no hotel room sewing.🙂

    • Haha thanks Helena, that dream was a kick up the ass, would’ve started during week if work wasn’t so crazy!

  2. Flo said:

    Wonderful choice of fabrics!! I am dying to see it! please upload pictures ASAP!!🙂

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