ooops, i’m a bad partner

precious cargoBack in August Molly contacted me to see if I would be up for a Sew Bossy swap. I was and we set a tentative plan, no major deadlines but lets aim to be swapping materials in September. I thought, I can do that…

I was kinda holding out to see if a certain pattern would be released, it wasn’t, so I knew I’d be ordering my other option. Which I eventually did in late September and was awaiting delivery of same when Molly contacted me for my address.

Pattern arrived, I’d gotten fabric beforehand, so I was good to go, I have a little ‘for Molly’ pile in my kitchen and next thing I know all my weekends are busy, I haven’t gotten to the post office AND my package  arrived from Molly – ahhhh!!!. I told myself I wasn’t allowed open up my box until I got my side of the deal off in the post. I even left it in work so I couldn’t – what can I say i’m not good with keeping secrets from myself!

Today i was leaving work and it hit me that instead of setting aside time to get a box & package up what I was sending to Molly, a plan that clearly wasn’t working out well for anybody, if I brought her box home I could re-pack it & ship it straight back out tomorrow. So I balanced my precious cargo on my handlebars and set off for home. Turns out not only does my box contain sewing goodies it is also the perfect size for this transportation method, narrow enough to sit between the edges of my handlebars but wide enough for me to control it with fore-arms and thumbs – win win for everyone.

So now I am declaring to the internet at large that I WILL send off my package tomorrow. Fingers crossed the postal service isn’t as lax on the timekeeping front as I am!

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  1. The Tangible Artiste and I have had similar delays! Can’t wait to see what it is!

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