knitted: Kalajoki Socks

Socks, the oft scorned go to present for the male family members of yore now represent something different; a futher step in self sufficiency.Yes I knit one pair and already have visions of never buying another (apart from the specialised running socks, i do not enjoy inflicting blisters on myself!).
So monumental realisations of I can make that aside, I unexpectedly joined in the DKC February Sock Knit Along on ravelry after nosily clicking through a link to this pattern.


The swirl down the foot mirrors the meanderings of an actual river – love it! As this was my first foray into sock kniting I have nothing to compare the pattern to, I liked the combination of charted and written instructions although unlike Karen who’s come over all modern with her knitting habits I had to actually print out the pattern and mark off each row as I was done. When I got to the heel/turning/gusset section I had no clue but the pattern guided me swiftly through the turn and if I’d correctly read the instructions would’ve done the same for the gusset.


On first attempt I did not, and when I realised my mistake I wondered aloud on twitter whether to just keep going anyway. Luckily a fellow Kal-er intervened and kept me on the straight & narrow – an intervention for which I was most grateful. Navigating the anatomical toes was another follow the instructions and hope for the best, even when I seemed to run out of stitches too early on one of my needles. Behold my first ever hand knitted sock;

Second sock syndrome wasn’t a problem, surprisingly given that I usually excel at procrastination, I’m putting it down to some or all of 3 factors; excitment of I can do this, the mob mentality of playing along with the kal group and last but most definitely not least, we had a cold spell and my feet were regularly freezing!
So thoughts for next time? Before starting I had swatched and decided to go with the bigger of my two needle options but now I think a smaller needle would’ve given me a tighter knit and therefore closer fitting sock. I also want to try a thinner yarn to get a more slimline foot. Ideally I’ll end up with not-bulky socks that I can wear in my shoes below trousers (that are in my head but I have yet to draft & sew) without looking like some sort of mad hippy!

Pattern: Kalajoki
Yarn: Malabrigo Finito (Aguas)
Needles: 3.5mm
Ravelry Project: Kalajoki for DKC Feb13 Sock KAL


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