blast from the past

i found this mixed in with envelopes of patterns i drafted a few years ago, some of the iron-on transfer is looking a bit worse for wear but it got a lot of use back in the day…

clockwise from top, all 2003;

jimmycake @ whelans, dublin – 23 december
turn @ tbmc, dublin – 19 september
kings of leon @ olympia, dublin – 16 december
mogwai @ olympia, dublin – 16 october
the flaming lips @ usher hall, edinburgh – 9 november
grandaddy @ carling academy, glasgow – 7 november
massive attack @ the point, dublin – 21 august


  1. Carolyn said:

    What a fab Tshirt, I love the colour! So great that it has brought back lots of memories… Thanks for your comment on my leggings, and I’m looking forward to seeing your lovely new knitwear in Self stitched September, Louise!

  2. Lynda said:

    Hey, did you make this? I’m sure I have seen this…. I love this, how did you do that? I must know, I have Boyzone tickets that would look just SUPER!! (ah no, seriously though I know a very lovely lady who would be very impressed if I fashioned some memories like that on a tshirt all on my own as a surprise….help a brother out?!!)

    • i’m sure you have seen it, its just a topshop tshirt with stuff printed on it, will email ya🙂

  3. I can’t believe I’ve never done this…boxes of ticket stubs, including films! So rad.

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